Vermont Considers Measure to Bolster Its Renewables Standard

Vermont logoVermont legislators will consider a measure to stop utilities from getting credit both for developing solar or wind projects and also for the renewable credits received from out-of-state sales. The bill, H.40, has begun its journey through the legislative process in the Vermont House of Representatives’ Natural Resources and Energy Committee.

The proposal would also give utilities renewable credits for reducing fossil fuel use in homes, building upon Gov. Peter Shumlin’s (D) clean Energy Innovation Program (EIP), which calls for carbon emissions reductions of 15 million metric tonnes, savings to ratepayers through less fossil fuel use and energy innovation, and creation of 1,000 new jobs in the energy industry.

The program will set incentives for utilities to help customers adopt new energy saving technologies,  including projects where utilities provide leasing or on-bill financing options to help customers accomplish deep efficiency improvements or install geothermal heat pumps, so-called “cold-climate heat pumps,” solar water heating and biomass heating. Read the article here.