NY-GEO Urges Gov. Cuomo to Sign Geo Bills

July 2 – In June the New York legislature passed income tax creditand sales tax exemption bills for geothermal heat pump (GHP) installations that still await signature by Governor Andrew Cuomo (D). In response, the New York Geothermal Energy Organization (NY-GEO) has started a petition—”Andrew Cuomo: Cut both Energy Bills and Fossil Fuel Pollution by Signing Geothermal Incentive Laws (S2905, S4279).” NY-GEO needs your help to get as many signatures as possible on the petition, to convince Gov. Cuomo to sign the bills.

The New York Legislature recognized GHPs as a solution to a number of energy related problems when it passed the GHP tax credit and sales tax exemption bills (for details, see pg. 2, June 2015 GEO Industry News). They saw them as a way to lower energy bills for New Yorkers, cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce peak electric demand on the hottest days of summer, and create “green” jobs.

“Though these bills passed both houses of the legislature unanimously, the governor sometimes vetoes legislation that impacts revenues if it comes after the budget has passed,” said NY-GEO Executive Director Bill Nowak. “Your voice could have a significant impact on these important initiatives. Please sign the petition and pass this message on to everyone you know!” Read and listen to a radio news report on New York‘s GHP legislation, promoting the bills to the public and to Gov. Cuomo, here. (NY-GEO and WBFO)