Next Generation Solution for Drillers

According to an online article published by Inc. Magazine, Capitol Well in New Hampshire has a solution to surviving in the ever-tougher drilling business—”a new business venture, which on the surface may seem just another step in their company’s cautious diversification…. Capital Well is getting into something that portends a revolution in the way America will innovate itself back to robust growth with green “manufacturing” jobs—jobs that cannot be exported. I am speaking of geothermal heating and cooling, which businesses like Capital Well are critical to advancing.”

“This is the first of the green technologies that promises to go truly mainstream and is arguably the most important,” the article continues. “Geothermal will get to a mass market not only because its value to consumers is so obvious but also because so many small companies like Capital Well, distributed across the country, are equipped to deliver it.” Read the rest of this intriguing story here. (Inc. Magazine)