New York State Geo Sales Tax Bill

The New York State Senate and Assembly have proposed legislation that would amend current law to exempt sellers and purchasers of geothermal heating and cooling systems from sales and use taxes for materials (labor involved in such installations is already exempt from taxation). The bills would mandate sales and use tax breaks similar to those that have helped the solar photovoltaic industry to prosper in New York.

According to the Long Island Energy Organization (LI-GEO), “The change in the law will make the geothermal industry within the state—including geothermal engineers, installers, designers, service providers, equipment distributors and manufacturers—more competitively priced and profitable.”

Visit the LI-GEO website to read all about the legislation. The bills are available at the following links: Senate Bill S01343; Assembly Bill A01411. LI-GEO urges its members to email their state assembly members and senators, asking their support of the bill. The association has prepared a sample letter for the Assembly, and a sample letter for the Senate. Both are posted on the website. Please print them on your letterhead, sign and mail ASAP!. Contact Brian at or with any questions about access.