NEGPA Announces 1st Stakeholder Meeting with the New Hampshire PUC on Rulemakings to Establish SB 218

New Hampshire will soon grant renewable heat energy from biomass, solar, and geothermal heat pumps the same incentives given to electric utilities for renewable power supplies. The program will be initiated in January 2013.

On June 19, New Hampshire Gov. Lynch signed SB 218, which includes renewable thermal energy as a compliance measure for utilities under the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). With the provision, New Hampshire will fully integrate renewable thermal energy into its RPS program and grant geothermal project developers Renewable Energy Certificates valued at the electric equivalent of thermal energy produced. The program is authorized through 2025.

“In the next six months, NEGPA will be working with the New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission (PUC) as a stakeholder in the agency’s promulgation of new rules and implementing regulations in this landmark program,” said New England Geothermal Professionals Association President Martin Orio.

“We hope you can join us at stakeholder meetings, so we can show our combined strength and work together to provide effective ideas toward implementation of this important opportunity.”

The first meeting to discuss details of the legislation will convene on August 3. All geothermal stakeholders are encouraged to contact the PUC and register (required) to join the meeting, which will begin at 2:00 p.m. at 21 Southford Street Concord, NH. Please contact Jack Ruderman, Director, Sustainable Energy Division, New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission. Phone (603) 271-6012. Email Website