The Corporate Value of GEO Membership

With the help of the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO)—the geothermal heat pump industry must look beyond traditional markets for future success. Since achieving Federal rebates for residential and commercial installations, GEO has focused on legislative, regulatory and tax initiatives that will help expand the industry. A good example is recognition of geothermal heat pumps in renewable energy policy.

Over half of the States have Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), which require electric utilities to utilize renewable sources for defined portions of their energy supply to ratepayers. In addition, Federal agencies are required to meet specific targets for energy purchases from qualified renewable sources.

GEO was instrumental in recently amending Maryland’s RPS to include geothermal heat pumps as a utility compliance option. New Hampshire has followed suit, while Massachusetts and Colorado consider legislating thermal energy portfolio standards.

The Geothermal Exchange Organization is successfully working toward universal recognition of the thermal energy produced by geothermal heat pump technologies—which will offer increased sales and business opportunities to all segments of the industry from manufacturers to installers and drillers.

GEO Membership enables your company to actively take part in initiatives like these, and to provide crucial input to the direction of GEO as it seeks greater market share in America’s green energy future. In addition, GEO’s growing strength and news media exposure bears fruit for our members by generating leads for large-scale system deployments. Other important benefits of GEO Membership include:

  • Involvement in GEO legislative and regulatory initiatives at both the State and Federal levels, helping to set the pace for the industry’s future.
  • Participation in GEO’s Fly-In to Washington, DC, which gives you an opportunity to positively influence the industry’s future through personal meetings with your locally elected officials.
  • Support for growing GEO relationships with government, including the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Departments of Energy, Defense, Agriculture, and many more at the Federal and State levels.
  • Collaboration with GEO efforts to influence and guide utility renewable and demand-side energy programs that favor geothermal heat pump technologies.
  • Access to GEO information and studies, plus up-to-date information on our activities across the country via our monthly Report to Members and targeted industry press releases.
  • Prominent placement in our State-by-State, online GEOexchange® Directory (Find a Pro), which helps generate valuable sales leads.
  • Use of the GEOexchange® logo, which identifies a standard of excellence and promotes your company as a reliable geothermal heat pump product source when you exhibit at trade shows and other events.
  • Participation in design, development and marketing of GEO training and certification programs.