H.R. 5167 Grassroots Advocacy Materials

WasThanks for your support of GEO’s effort to extend the federal tax credits for installations of residential and commercial geothermal heat pumps through 2021.

Below we have provided a sample letter for your Congressman that you can use with your letterhead and signature in support of Representative Tom Reed’s (R-NY) geothermal heat pump tax credit extension legislation, H.R. 5167.  This bill gives our industry parity with solar tax credits that Congress extended last December. In addition, it changes the language in the Revenue Code to make geothermal heat pump installations eligible based on the date of construction commencement instead of completion. Feel free to modify the letter with your own, more personal message, including how your business and employment would be affected without the tax credits.

We’ve also provided materials that you can use to effectively schedule  visits for your local Congressman to visit a geothermal job site. If you have any questions regarding these materials, the current status of the legislation or anything related to GEO’s efforts in Washington, please do not hesitate to contact us.  We can be reached toll-free at (888) 255-4436.

H.R. 5167 Text
H.R. 5167 Coalition Letter to Sponsors
H.R. 5167 Support Letter – TEMPLATE FOR HOUSE MEMBER

Job Site Visit Instructions
Congressional Site Visit Sample Invitation Letter
Congressional Site Visit Talking Points
Congressional Site Visit Sample Thank-You Letter