Green Sports Alliance Summit

Green Sports Alliance Summit

September 5-7, 2012  Seattle, Washington

The Green Sports Alliance Summit is a three day executive summit designed for leaders from the sports community. The summit uses a mix of stories, case studies, lectures, panels, breakout groups, and site visits to introduce the participants to a range of thinking and best practices around sustainability that produce bottom line benefits while demonstrating responsible corporate and community citizenship.

The quest for sustainability in our commerce and communities is no longer a fad, but an imperative. There is mounting evidence to demonstrate that environmental stewardship is smart business and that it has a strong and growing following. Teams and venues are saving money, improving their environmental performance and gaining new sponsors and community partners. Facility managers, sports team leadership and marketing and sponsorship directors will find relevant and inspiring content at the summit.

The Summit is hosted by the Green Sports Alliance, a non-profit organization helping sports teams, venues and leagues enhance their environmental performance.

Program and registration details are coming soon. If you are interested in participating in the summit as a participant, presenter or sponsor, please contact us:

To find out more about the summit, please visit Summit Details.