Giving Udall the Low Down on Geothermal

aaMajor Geothermal Director of Business Development and Marketing Joel Poppert recently gave U.S. Senator Mark Udall a tour of Denver Housing Authority’s Benedict Park Place. This mixed-use, urban redevelopment project uses an energy-efficient, cost-cutting geothermal energy system.

“From an industry stand point, broader adoption of geothermal heat-ting and cooling will be realized when lawmakers and utilities begin to  see  the geothermal ‘loop field’ as a valuable asset to their portfolio,” said Poppert. “The ‘loop field’ is the infrastructural component of the geothermal system that harnesses the free renewable energy of the earth 24/7/365; it will last for many generations of buildings, and from a utility standpoint, can provide more efficient, reliable, and profitable revenue streams than their conventional infrastructural investments such natural gas distribution and fossil fuel generation fleets.”

Senator Udall visited Benedict Park Place on Oct. 26, and Poppert was asked to participate as a geothermal expert to discuss the technology applications, energy benefits, and strategies that can help realize broader adoption of this valuable resource.

“Utility investments in the loop field will remove the upfront cost barriers holding geothermal back, provide more efficiency to the grid, and most importantly save all ratepayers over time,” Poppert said. “Sen. Udall is one of the few federal congressmen who fully understands our technology, and I have full confidence that he will include us in the national energy conversation.” Read more from University of Colorado, Denver.