Geothermal Benefits

Geo is the most efficient

Geothermal Heat Pumps (GHPs) are THE most efficient heating and cooling technology in the world. Compared to conventional HVAC equipment, GHPs can save up to 75% more energy. A recent U.S. Department of Energy study showed that 75% of the average home’s energy needs can be met with the earth’s stored thermal energy. By tapping into that thermal energy, a building’s heating and cooling needs can largely be met by a source right under our feet! And because they save so much energy…

Geothermal costs less to operate

Everyone knows that high energy consumption equals high utility bills. Energy costs may fluctuate in the short term, but in the long run, energy prices have steadily increased over the years. Because GHPs are energy misers, they easily meet the space conditioning needs of a home while using a fraction of the power. Due to the significant savings associated with GHPs, homeowners are able to get “cash flow positive” on their geothermal investment. This means that the cost of the system has been essentially paid for by its savings. So many homeowners do the math and quickly realize that in terms of cost and payback, no other method beats geothermal.

Geothermal is better for the environment

While saving money is often a primary focus when considering a GHP, another important benefit to keep in mind is the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. No fossil fuel is required to operate a GHP; they run on electricity and are a proven clean and renewable technology. The federal government has recognized the tremendous ability of GHPs to reduce greenhouse gases associated with climate change and has specifically recommended that geothermal be used in meeting emissions reduction goals. States and municipalities are increasingly adopting laws and regulations that incentivize GHP use just for this reason. Geothermal is an essential part of how we as a society address the threat of climate change.

Geothermal is safer

As if helping save the world weren’t enough, there are plenty of other reasons to go geo. The next reason is tied to the last one regarding GHPs ability to reduce greenhouse gas emission. Since GHPs burn no fossil fuels they are a safer alternative to heat and cool your home. With a GHP, there’s no need to ever check the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector, because you don’t need a carbon monoxide detector in the first place! Increased peace of mind doesn’t have a monetary value, but knowing your home’s needs are met with a safe reliable source is priceless.

Geothermal is more comfortable

Geothermal heat pumps aren’t just safe, they are also the most comfortable way to heat and cool a home. Industry surveys consistently show that consumers prefer the air and overall comfort in a building that is conditioned with a geothermal system. Not only is the comfort level of the air that a GHP delivers higher than other types of systems, but it is also cleaner too. A conventional system often delivers dry, allergen-filled air throughout the house, while a geothermal system puts out clean air at an optimal humidity.

Geothermal lasts longer

The comfort and safety of geothermal are only compounded by the fact that those and all of the benefits will be enjoyed for many years. GHPs last longer than other systems. They aren’t exposed to the elements on an outside environment and thus the heat pump itself is rated to last over 25 years. And the loop that exchanges energy with the ground will last over 100 years! By choosing geothermal, a homeowner can be afforded a lifetime of clean, efficient and affordable space conditioning.

Geothermal gives you free hot water

One often overlooked benefit is that modern GHP equipment can meet most or all of the domestic hot water needs of a home. Heating water for home use is often an overlooked consumer of energy and can contribute significantly to overall utility cost. By capitalizing and drawing on latent heat available in the heating and cooling process, GHPs can provide a free way to heat water simply as a side effect of their normal operation. Combining a water heater with a GHP to meet hot water needs is simply the icing on the cake for a home.

Geothermal can get your home to “net zero”

Some forward thinking homeowners are determined to take their efficiency to the next level. The concept of a “zero net energy” home has rapidly advanced in the global housing market. Adopters of this goal are committed to having an overall neutral (or even positive) energy impact. They are only using what they can produce. And since GHPs don’t use a lot of energy, a zero net energy home doesn’t need to produce much. Solar panels combined with a GHP can get a home to net zero and more and more people are beginning to see the huge advantages of such a combination.