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Premium Memberships
Premium Memberships are available for industry stakeholders including geothermal heat pump manufacturers, utilities, residential contractors, commercial contractors, mechanical contractors, drillers, ground loop installers, engineers, designers, architects, consultants, distributors, suppliers and manufacturers of pipe, drill rigs and equipment, grout, vaults, pumps, compressors, etc.

Trade Associates
Residential Contractors, Commercial Contractors, Mechanical Contractors, Drillers, Ground Loop Installers, Designers, Consultants, Distributors, Suppliers, and similar companies
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Architects & Engineers
Architectural & Engineering Companies
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Manufacturers include companies that produce equipment, materials, tools or components used in geothermal heat pump installations.
Membership dues for manufacturers are based upon annual company revenues related to their level of geothermal heat pump business
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Geothermal Heat Pump Manufacturers
Heat pump manufacturers include companies that produce or market geothermal heat pumps under their own brand name.
Membership dues for GHP manufacturers include annual dues based upon annual company revenues related to GHP business, plus monthly dues based on the number of residential GHP shipments to U.S. destinations.
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Utilities that generate, distribute and/or market electricity, with membership categories for Investor-Owned, Generation & Transmission, Municipal, and Cooperative Utilities. 
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Allied Organizations
Non-profit and public service organizations actively engaged in working with GEO to achieve common objectives for the benefit of consumers and industry stakeholders.
Contact us if your organization is interested in working with GEO on common objectives.

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