GEO Supports GHP Associations at MEEA Conference

Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance logoOn Jan. 13-15, the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) was the primary sponsor of an exhibit at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance annual Midwest Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago, IL. Joining GEO President Doug Dougherty to man the exhibit were representatives from the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois (GAOI) and the Iowa Geothermal Association. More than 600 people from 13 Midwestern states attended the event.

“The geothermal heat pump (GHP) industry was well represented, and together we made our point to participating utility energy efficiency staff and regulators that GHPs are the best product on the market to achieve de-sired and mandated efficiencies,” said Dougherty. “While many speakers during the conference discussed the importance of strategies to achieve only 2% or3% energy efficiency for utilities, we stressed the fact that at GHPs can achieve energy efficiencies as high as 60%.”

Walgreen Sustainability Manager Jamie Meyers provided a keynote speech at the event that highlighted the company’s new Net Zero drug store in Evanston, IL. He backed up GEO’s message, when he said that the facility’s GHP system reduces energy use by 60%. “Kudos to Jamie and Walgreens for making our point!” said Dougherty.

The GEO group was also encouraged by personal meetings with representatives of Commonwealth Edison and Ameren Illinois, who congratulated GEO for its successful change to Illinois statutes last year that pave the way for improved utility promotion of GHPs. With their new ability to include geothermal in their energy efficiency portfolios, both utilities are committed to establishing programs to promote the technology. Dougherty offered GEO’s ongoing technical support of those efforts.