GEO Supports AGWT Geo Forum in Kentucky and Ohio

AGWT LOGOGeothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) President and CEO Doug Dougherty presented “The Status of the U.S. Geothermal Industry” at the American Ground Water Trust (AGWT) Geothermal Forum, Geothermal Heating and Cooling Innovations, in Covington, KY (Cincinnati, OH). “The nearly 40 architects, engineers and home developers in the audience were truly receptive to GEO’s messages about the efficiency, economy and reliability of geothermal heat pumps,” he said.

GEO provides both financial and “in-kind” support for the AGWT workshops, which provide continuing education credits for participants who are interested in expanding their knowledge and work base into geothermal heat pump (GHP) design, installation and maintenance. “It was great to have Doug and GEO on the program with a real time, on-the-ground perspective of the geothermal market and the political trends that affect future opportunities,” said AGWT Director of Programs Garret Grasskamp.


The AGWT workshops offer vital information to building owners and professionals who design, install, inspect, approve, recommend or regulate heating and cooling systems. They feature an impressive slate of expert invited speakers who draw on their experience and expertise in industry and government to cover new innovations in system design, financing options and regulations for GHP heating and cooling systems. AGWT’s Geothermal Forum workshop objectives include:

  • Defining the “state of the art” in terms of design options and economic payback;
  • Explaining the tax breaks, incentives and subsides available for installing geothermal;
  • Demonstrating the environmental and strategic benefits of the technology;
  • Explaining Net-Zero design and system integration principles;
  • Illustrating the environmental scalability of GHP HVAC systems to continuously reduce our carbon footprints;
  • Demonstrating the essential connection between subsurface conditions and system design and operation, and how to get the right information;
  • Describing the special steps and importance of geothermal system commissioning; and
  • Providing an update on state, local and federal regulatory oversight recommendations.


AGWT Geothermal Forum 2013 Schedule

The American Ground Water Trust urges GEO Members to spread the word about their geothermal workshops to friends and colleagues, as well as to their customers. More information can be found on the AGWT website. AGWT’s Geothermal Forum remaining venues for 2013 include:

Wednesday, August 14      South Plainfield, NJ
Wednesday, September 11      Minneapolis, MN
Wednesday, October 23      Boxborough, MA
Wednesday, November 6      Dallas, TX