GEO Strategizes at MEEA Conference

President and CEO Doug Dougherty represented the Geothermal Exchange Organization (GEO) at the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (MEEA) Energy Solutions Conference in Chicago on Jan. 11-13. GEO partnered with the state geothermal heat pump associations of Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa to maintain a coordinated exhibit booth at the event. More than 300 attended the conference, including representatives from a dozen utilities, who listened to Dougherty’s comments on geothermal heat pumps during a panel discussion promoting energy efficient technologies.

“Our industry was very well represented at the conference, and with our state association partners, GEO has designed several strategies to incent Midwest electric utilities to promote geothermal heat pumps,” he said. “We need to examine every state’s Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS), and if we find that our technologies are not included, we need to fix it.” GEO is already actively engaged with officials in two states to make changes to their EEPS to include geothermal heat pumps. “We’ve targeted a couple of states where we believe GEO has enough local support and a clear path for change. If we are successful, we can use that experience to more easily seek similar changes in additional states.” Dougherty concluded.