GEO Comments on Connecticut Comprehensive Energy Strategy

deep-logoNov. 3 – The Geothermal Exchange Organization  (GEO) provided comments to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Bureau of Energy and Technology Policy for a meeting of stakeholders who discussed the role of renewable thermal energy technologies under the state’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy.

“GEO believes that with the right level of encouragement from the state,” said GEO President Doug Dougherty, “GHPs offer a unique technology for heating and cooling that provides clean, efficient and renewable energy that can help Connecticut achieve its economic and environmental goals, both for now and in the future. 

The Great Recession slowed GHP installations everywhere, but current industry figures show that in 2014 and 2015 alone, some 5,000 GHP units were installed in all applications in Connecticut.

With extension of federal tax credits for residential and commercial GHPs, GEO expects that number to increase, especially if the state takes a greater role in promoting and providing incentives to consumers to adopt the technology.

GHPs must be a vital component of Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy.  GHPs are a clean and dependable distributed renewable energy source. They are the most efficient and environ-mentally beneficial technology available for heating and cooling buildings. Reduction of both power generation and on-site fossil fuel use by GHPs should not be overlooked by state policy makers and regulators trying to balance economics with environmental protection.

GHPs already have a solid base of suppliers and installers in Connecticut. More widespread adoption of GHPs in the state will provide the economic benefits of additional high-paid jobs and lower energy bills for ratepayers. At the same time, greater use of GHPs by homeowners, businesses and institutions will lighten peak utility loads, reduce fossil-fuel use, cut pollution, and curb production of greenhouse gases.” 

In conclusion, Dougherty said, “GEO recommends that Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy make room for aggressive promotion of the many benefits of GHPs. We would also like to see the state adopt strategies for basic financial incentives for GHP installations. Finally, we urge the development of state- and/or utility-sponsored loan guarantee programs for GHPs. Such a program would allow ratepayers to more easily enjoy the comfort and economic benefits of the technology while making monthly payments that are less than the money they save on utility bills.”

Download the complete text of the comments with references on the importance of GHPs to Connecticut’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy here. (GEO)