GEO and Oak Ridge National Laboratory Publish GHP Industry Surveys

Oak Ridge National Laboratory is working with GEO and IGSHPA on developing the first national certification standard for all primary personnel involved in the installation of GHP systems as defined in GHP System Disciplines 07-06-2011. The standard will be designed to increase customer confidence in the technology, reduce the potential for improperly installed systems, and assure product quality and performance.

ORNL is conducting a series of surveys on federal experience with GHP systems to identify common causes for faulty functioning of systems, industry best practices for GHP system design, installation, maintenance, the key barriers that prevent wide application of GHP systems and the qualifications and requirements of all personnel involved in GHP system deployment in federal facilities. Additionally, GHP industry stakeholder opinions of the current GHP discipline classifications and qualifications and requirements for GHP disciplines will be surveyed.

Surveys on Federal Experience with GHP Systems
     Survey of GHP Systems at Federal Facilities
     Survey of Qualifications and Requirements for GHP Disciplines in Federal Facilities

GHP Industry Stakeholder Survey
     Industry Stakeholder Survey of Qualifications and Requirements for GHP Disciplines

For complete details and to take the surveys visit the ORNL Surveys website