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    Ok, pretty basic question hete.....Currently my zone / flow valve runs on 220 v wired straight from the compressor relay. (
    Well that's what I call it) being proactive, I know this flow valve wont last forever, but I cant seem to find a replacement as a backup.
    I only see 24v valves. So, the question is where do I pick up the 24 volts from ? I would assume it would be from where the thermostats wires attach. But would I use the C wire ? As it would be hot when the thermostat is calling for heat or cool.
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    Looking at some old pics I took. The 220 is goi g through what there calling a compressor contactor. L1,l2,t1,t2. I'm assuming the contractor has to be tripped hopfully by the 24v ? Adding 2 pics. One of the contactor and one of the actual diagram. 20200630_150825.jpg 20200630_151410.jpg
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    Normally a flow valve would run off a 24V control signal. C is the common wire. You would connect one side of the valve to C, and the other side to Y. It is Y that would be energized whenever the compressor was on, not C. If the valve was to increase the water flow for second stage operation, then it would be wired to C and Y2,. Y2 would be energized only when operating in second stage.

    220V would normally be used to power a pump rather than a control valve.
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    Excellent, that makes it easy ! I appreciate the information .
    This forum is great !

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