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Discussion in 'Geothermal Loops' started by Wiley HVAC, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. Wiley HVAC

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    Ok so I am seeing alot of these things around and when talking to the client I am hearing that was a simple fix to a leaking loop. It is a 3' tall 6" pvc/ABS tube with a set of grundfoss pumps, it appears that the loop is tied into the loop.

    What and the world is this solving? It is just an easy way for the client to add water? I know it cant be just circulating into that 3' cylinder, it would over heat. What is the purpose of this? And how is this a fix? It seems to me that there would be a simpler solution!, or am I wrong?
  2. urthbuoy

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    Non pressurized flow center.

    There is still a loop attached to them. Their main reason-to-be is to ensure air is removed from system.

    We have done a lot of both and I will admit they greatly reduce callbacks. And we purge, but there just seems to be some residual air - maybe in solution.

    I don't agree with them being a bandaid for a leaky system.

    Their drawback is the plumbing in my opinion.
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    When pressures change due to different thermal conditions, H2O releases gases dissolved in them, which need to be removed. First it equals out the pressure, so there is no difference anymore between heating and cooling season, thus much lesser gas will participate out. Then it purges the remaining air out, so it does not make any noise, ruins the equipment and locks the loops. It is the simplest solution I know, but if you have a better idea for an apparatus which fixes those issues I will be the first to listen. Until then that "thing" is pretty neat!
  4. Wiley HVAC

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    No, its not being used as a air bleed, a boiler pressure relief valve would be a much easier and less costly method to remove air from the loop, it is a remedy for leaking loops. Almost every loop here is vertical, I cant see any other solution but these low pressure/zero flow center, or unearth the loop. Any ideas?
  5. docjenser

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    After you have installed a few of the systems, you start to appreciate a non pressurized system. If you have really leaking loops, they obviously leak less at lower pressure. The leak is usually at the fusion joints, the pipe coming from the factory are vacuum sealed and you find out quickly when you cut them open. Forget about digging up grouted vertical loops. if the actual vertical portion is affected, the only other choice you have is to abandon the circuit and put a new one in.

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