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    Hi, My name is Tim Yoder, I am pres. and co owner of Yoder Drilling and Geothermal in Sugarcreek, OH. We are a drilling co. that has been installing geo loops since 1990.

    We have found our niche in the residential market supporting HVAC dealers as a subcontractor. Our goal has been to take the portion of a geo install that a conventional HVAC dealer is not familiar with(the loop install) and provide them with as simple a process as poss.

    We have seen many changes over the years and are excited to be in a position to continue to advance the industry. A major change has been the demand for existing home change outs as compared to new construcion. Our installs in the past 18 months have gone from 80% new 20% retro the 85% retro and 15% new construction. This brings new challenges but much opportunity.

    I enjoy reading forums and look forward to many good conversations in the future.

  2. Mark Custis

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    I have worked with Tim

    He does the job correctly the first time. His men do a great job. The loops work and are long enough for Ohio.

    I like working with folks that clean up their own mess.

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    Did Yoder change hands a few years back and move their location? It seems to me that you have a bigger operation than I remember, more people, more trucks, and equipment.

    We spend a lot of time in Amish country, I like the people, along with the craftsmanship....not to mention the cooking. Your company has a reputation for quality work in the tri-county area that many envy. If you are on 39, 62, 250, 515, or 241 I may stop in and say "Hi."

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