Woodlake's First Geothermal Installation (Midlothian, Virginia)

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    Dear Reader,
    In 2009 I joined geoexchange to be able to read the forums and post questions. I got a lot out of the many hours of participating. It helped me a lot and I really appreciate having access to the wealth of information the forums provide. We decided to invest in a geosystem in 2010 and love our system. I prepared a report to share our experience and results (see link below). I hope that geoexchange readers benefit from all that we learned.
    Happy Holidays, David L. Faulkner, Midlothian, Virginia

    The link will take you to our home owner's association website/the environmental committee page where my report is located: http://www.woodlakeonline.com/files/3/content_entry/128/Geothermal_Heat_Pump_Installation.pdf
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    very nicely done...thanks for sharing
  3. DLF

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    My pleasure and you are most welcome. David Faulkner

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