Ohio wiring schematics for logic board wiring diagram rev e 1076-110

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  1. mciverdoitmyself

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    I have a logic board rev e 1076-110 to fix for a WaterFurnace, but I need the wiring schematics. If you have it, PLEASE let me know. Thanks!
  2. mrrxtech

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    I took a look and found another number and a replacement Card on ebay for $90:


    Try doing a search on this number: OEM-Premier-2-Logic-Board-17P513-03-REV-E-1076-110.

    What are the symptoms of the card? I recognize all of the components on the card and might be able to tell you what component is failed based on the symptom.

    My Carrier 2 stage Geothermal Unit was shutting down for no reason after loss of one of the hot power leads to the house caused 12o volts AC only to be present, which burnt up the 24 AC transformer that didn't have the reset breaker shown on the schematic.

    After I replaced the transformer I had Unit Lockouts that occurred at random, so I replaced the card figuring one of the leads of the IC Chip had been burnt open causing a random fault. There was a time when I had the soldering iron tip to replace an IC Chip but those days are gone. I bought a replacement card using the best price on ebay which suited me fine.

    I could have the card repaired or use it for parts next time I have another issue with the Controller Card.

    Good Luck finding a Schematic, also known as a Schizmatic to some.
  3. mrrxtech

    mrrxtech Member

    One more thought. The 2 Black towers on the card appear to be fuse holders. Uncap them and check the fuses to see if they are blown.
    Several months back someone had the same type of board giving them problems, but they couldn't get the caps off of the Towers in order to determine if there was a fuse inside.

    Having a flat screw driver hole in each cap and the twist to open feature at the top, makes me believe there are fuses inside, which could have blown to give you the problem.

    Be careful to apply counter torque on the towers when twisting the caps off in order to prevent twisting the towers off of the Card.

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