Wireless Thermostat?

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    I'm currently running a ClimateMaster Genesis HP in my home and am not happy with the current location of the thermostat.

    When the thermostat was installed, it was put in an alcove in the upstairs hallway where the temperature can feel a little cool at times. I feel this causes the HP to run longer than it needs to. Conversely, my temps downstairs are sometimes at 72 degrees, when upstairs the thermostat reads 68 or 69 degrees. Just for kicks, I hung a thermometer on the wall in another area of the upstairs hallway and sometimes get a reading of 70 or 71 degrees. I usually have the wired thermostat set to maintain 70 degrees.

    I took a look running a new wire from the mechanical room to a preferred location and I see headaches abound!

    Is there a wireless solution for my situation? I'm currently running a wired, Nextenergy thermostat.

    Thanks for reading. I look forward to any suggestions.
  2. urthbuoy

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    There are a couple of solutions: white Rodgers, Honeywell. You wire and hang the main component on the equipment and it communicates wirelessly to thermostat.

    edit: White Rodgers 1F98EZ-1621 is an example that would work.
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  3. louiedonovan55

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    Yes, you can search the internet and lot of companies do now use thermorstat that is digital and easy to install. It can also communicate via wifi. Some hvac service also have that tools. [link removed by admin]
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  4. ACES-Energy

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    We have used the Honeywell ones before and seem to work well once you program them to work well with geothermal systems as best as you can!

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