Saskatchewan Wilo-Stratos ECO Pumps

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    I have 5 Wilo pumps in my system. I have had my floor zones working good for 3 winters now and have just now got my garage insulated and am trying to get that zone going. My zone loops seem to be filled and free of air but the float gauges on the manifold show no signs of flow. I bled the pump but it didn't seem like it was running. I got one of the magnetic 'gizmos' to check the pump and it shows no sign of rotation. I checked the tool on my other pumps and even though I show flow through the manifolds the pumps where not rotating (according to the gizmo). Before I got the gauge, when I asked how to check if the pumps where running, the guy who built my system told me to crack the vent screw and if the pump 'chattered' it was running. If I do that now the floor pumps appear to be running but the gizmo says not.

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting this problem? Given that the floor zones appear to be working I'm wondering if the zone circulation pumps should be running all the time when the zone is working.

    For additional info, the system is a 4 Ton Climatemaster . There is a 90 gal. storage tank serving the 5 zones, the 5th being the garage. The circulation pump on the storage tank shows rotation when the tank is heating and the main circulation pump on the board shows rotation when any of the zones are working. It is only the 5 Wilo ECO pumps that show no rotation when the zone is working but the 4 pumps for the floor do 'chatter' if the zone is running and I crack the vent screw. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.

    By the way I am in the Province of Saskatchewan in spite of the prefix. Canada isn't featured in the popup

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    Could it be simple?
    Do you have power to the pump?

    What kind of controls?

    Thermostate calling for heat on that zone?
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    Magnetic rotating gizmos DO NOT work on ECM pumps.

    Read manual, especially Problems section 10.

    Make sure air is purged. You may have to isolate loops from system and power purge, especially if loops are run above the manifold purge outlets.
    Check for power per manual. Power to pump may have been disabled to prevent running if that zone wasn't complete at startup.
    Check for free shaft rotation per manual.
    Check to see if it is in Night Setback mode and disable per manual if necessary.

    Or have the guy who built your system handle it.
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    Thanks for the replys. I assumed that because the power light was on that the zone had power. Turns out the plugin for the pump was wired in series with another yet-to-be used plug. A little jury rigging and I have things going. Now that the pump is circulating I have found a bit more air but I'm working on that.

    It was the vendor who built the system that gave me the magnetic sensing tool. When I tried the original suggestion to crack the vent plug I see that the pump is running. A bit more purging and everything should be good. Again, thanks for your suggestions.

    Bob :) :)

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