Whole house humidifier on ClimateMaster TZ22

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    I was wondering what was the best option to install "in duct" humidifier?

    I want less maintenance and low power consumption. The boiler kind let me think they are greedy on electricity...

    Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. Honeywell True Steam
    Aprilaire 800
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    My GHP consumes around 3000w, I find it weird to have a boiler consuming 1500w. In a pure electric heater, it makes sense because the heat in the water is not lost, but in the geothermal case, my heat cost ¼ of the price so I'm not sure I want to produce steam at full price...

    After looking, we will probably go with a Honeywell flow through. No fan, no noise, no power, mesh to clean once per season only... What is so bad in this system so that steam is always the solution that is proposed? Maybe I'm missing a point.

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    I have no practical experience with either. Air delivery temps are lower which I think would impact the performance of a flow through. Hopefully an expert can chime in as Ive considered putting a flow through in myself but am hesitant.
  5. What we have found is that most bypass humidifier's do work but are very ineffective and inefficient. The supply air temps never really get high enough to effectively evaporate the humidity to then be disbursed through out the entire duct system. Most of the moisture then clings to the ductwork and equipment as it is so heavy that it just fails to perform as theory of manufacturers say.
    With steam well you can tell that when we inject steam humidity and mix it with the air distribution system that it is very light and travels downstream and mixes very well with airflow. Thus giving you a better supply of humidity to your home via the air distribution systems. Of course you want a very well balanced and sealed duct system as well.
    Hopefully this helps.
    Most professional contractors that are in the residential service and replacement markets only use STEAM humidifier's.
    Have a great day

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