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    I am trying to decide between two different installation companies, both recommend same ton unit but differing loop fields. any suggestions?????:

    Proposal #1:
    Waterfurnace 5 series 4Ton
    6pipe loop in (2-300ft trenches, 3ft wide 5ft deep heavy clay soils) 3/4"pipe (3600ft total pipe in ground)

    Proposal #2:
    Climatemaster Tranquility 30 4Ton
    4pipe loop in (2-300ft trenches, 2ft wide 6-8ft deep heavy clay soils) 3/4" pipe (2400ft total pipe in ground)

    load calcs: heating 34,268BTU, cooling 30,165BTU
  2. keenbellfarm

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    We have narrowed it down to 2 proposals for our new construction home. All are 3 zone (basement, 1st, 2nd Floor) with 1700sqft in the basement, 1700sqft 1st, 900sqft 2nd. Closed cell spray foam insulation, and good quality doors/windows. Load calculations: heating 34,268BTU, cooling 30165BTU. Richmond, VA location

    Waterfurnace 5 series 4Ton
    intellistart, intellizone 2 (3zone), power open/close dampener, hot water assist w/tank, 6pipe loop field with 3/4" pipe in 2-300ft trenches 5ft deep 3ft wide, alpine pure ERV

    Proposal #2:
    Climatemaster Tranquility 30 4Ton
    iGate, vFlow, de-super heater w/ tank, 4pipe loop field with 3/4" in 2-300ft trenches 6-8ft deep 2ft wide, Honeywell pro8000, power close/spring open dampener, ERV

    As you can see price is not a deciding factor, but the loop design and equipment looks to be the main differences. Any thoughts????????????????????
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    Lower average depth and more less foot per trench foot of pipe will mean the 4 pipe system performs very well cancelling out the additional footage of 6 pipe trench. get references and go with best dealer.

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