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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by BatocheBob, Nov 15, 2021.

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    First off; a big hello to all the long-time moderators who helped me in the past.
    Now a couple of questions; 1.) what is the status of ClimateMaster, especially in Canada? My understanding is that Waterfurnace has acquired ClimateMaster
    2.) my unit is a Tranquility 27 (TT). I believe the bearings have failed on the compressor causing the breaker to trip. How can I run this unit so as to use the Aux heating element only? I do have a setting on my Ecobee3 Tstat for this but engaging that mode only blows cold air (74.4C)
    Any info will be appreciated
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    NIBE I believe is just a holding company that allows its companies to run independantly. They also bought Enertech in 2014. They make Hydron Module, GeoComfort and Tetco geo units. So they own 3 of the 4 major geo manufacturers in the US. The fourth is FHP which was bought by Bosch. All slightly disturbing to me.

    74.4C =165.92F

    Did you mean 74.4F???

    Does your TT27 have internal electric heat strips? If yes, they are powered by a separate circuit but controlled by the HP's low voltage circuit along with a "W" backup heat call from the thermostat. You may be best served by calling a qualified tech in to diagnose your suspected compressor failure. It may be something simple.

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