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    We have a unique situation. We are adding a 600 square foot addition that will be well insulated BUT it is going to be an open concept to an existing 2 story 1400 sq. ft. (700 each level) century old farm house that is not well insulated.

    We've been given different pump suggestions ranging from a 5-7 tons. The hiccup in the situation is that I also have a 5900 Liter swim spa that is kept at 96-104 degrees year round for pain management and physiotherapy. A couple of the quote suggest we hook up a second 2 ton pump and use it to heat our homes hot water and the swim spa.

    Anyone have thoughts, ideas, or suggestions? We haven't made any decisions yet.

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    where is the house located? Not a bad idea to heat the spa and the hot water with a second heatpump.
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    near Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We just met with a company that uses GeoSmart yesterday and they think a 6 ton will do, if it's triple function.... any thoughts?
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    GeoSmart looks like a Waterfurnace clone, e.g. a rebranded Waterfurnace heat pump, so the triple function should be the Synergy 3D. Should be an excellent product.

    Sure, if they are confident about the loads, a 6 ton hybrid might work well.

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    We are hearing different things about the load. We've approached several installers and they are evenly split. Half say we need twoo units. - one 5 ton for heating/cooling and a 1 or 2 ton for the pool. They claim that the people selling us 1 are underselling what we need. The other half are saying 1 unit is fine and anyone trying to sell us two is overcharging us.

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