What should I expect for air temp at heat registers?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by WomerKE, Dec 2, 2011.

  1. WomerKE

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    I have a newly installed Climatemaster 5 ton TT064, 48,000 BTU, two stage system with horizontal loop field and have measured the temperature at various room heat registars. The temperature varies from 88 - 94 F depending on the location of the registars, is this normal and what I should expect? The system has 20% glycol solution.
  2. tstolze

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    Looks normal to myself, I have had my unit for 16 months now. Today mine varied from 87°-91°.

    Things like the temperature of the house and if you have the desuperheater option can effect the output temperature. The temperature of your water tank/buffer tank can vary the duct temperature by 3°-4°.

    Remember it's low and slow with these units. :)
  3. Mark Custis

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    I can not remember if

    The TTO series has an ECM blower drive.

    One could slow down the blower speed in heating to increase the delta T, it is easier to do with an ECM drive. I am about customer comfort first and then utility bills.

    tstolze brings up a good point that is often easily over looked by those of us that do this every day and can fail to mention: "Slow and steady wins the race", with heat pumps. geo or not.

    I might ask your installing contractor if he balanced the duct system and commisioned the unit per the Climate Master I/O manual.

    Start there and keep us posted.

  4. waterpirate

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    We have seen a rash of wildly varying register temps due to duct work condition on retro fit jobs.

    Is this new construction or a retro fit? To diagnose the unit air temps need to be taken at the unit. To diagnose the duct work we measure the differance between air temp leaving the unit and its arrival temp at the ductwork.

    A lot of jobs get sold as change outs with no attention being paid to the size or condition of the existing ductwork.

    Problems with the ductwork can be addressed with balancing, fan speed, insulation upgarades to the ductwork.

    My poster child was an unhappy geo customer who switched from a gastly propane furnace. After the retrofit it was discovered that the trunk to the 2nd floor was disconected and the air flow made a leap of faith of about 2 feet through unconditioned space:eek:.

    I often wonder how low his propane consumption would have been if that trunk issue had been identified pre-geo.
  5. tstolze

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    Geo plus the duct work issue being resolved, I bet this customer was really satisfied with the bills after the new unit! :D
  6. waterpirate

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    I think they are saving 80%!!! They estimated 50% of their energy usage was attributed to "the leap of faith duct issue".

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