Nebraska What is the value of a warranty?

Discussion in 'Quotes and Proposals' started by Bud Shaw, Dec 24, 2014.

  1. Bud Shaw

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    I have the opportunity to save about $5,000 in equipment price by going with 2 ClimateMaster geo units that are 2014 models on closeout. The only real difference is the warranty. Instead of 10/10 on parts and labor, the offered warranty is 10 on refrigeration parts, 5 on other parts and only 1 year labor. Is a better warranty worth the added costs? That seems I could pay for a lot of repairs before making up the difference.
  2. docjenser

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    Save the money...
  3. Palace GeoThermal

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    I agree , save the money and remember : the warranty is only as good as the dealer.
  4. Bud Shaw

    Bud Shaw New Member

    That's kind of the way I was leaning. Thanks.
  5. geoxne

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    Energy Star requirements to qualify for Federal Tax Credit are here- v3.1.pdf

    4) Warranty Requirements:
    Partner shall provide, as standard, a manufacturer limited warranty for its ENERGY STAR qualified geothermal heat pump models for all parts and labor for a minimum of two years. The major refrigerant circuit components, including the compressor(s), heat exchanger(s), and expansion and reversing valve(s) shall be warranted for parts and labor for a minimum of five years.

    You will have to decide if the warranty is worth it and Energy Star Qualification.
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  6. AMI Contracting

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    I'd get another opininon. I'm not aware of a change in CM warranty.

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