What are sensors A and B on Water Furnace?

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    My unit is a Water Furnace ND049 with Honeywell control. I have read where some of you refer to EWT and LWT. Are they equivalent to my Sensor A and Sensor B? I am in RI. Right now the heat pump is showing Sensor A and B temps of 42 degrees to 50 degrees but the two sensors are always just a degree apart. If one sensor reads 42 the other will be 43 and as it runs the temp drops but the two stay about a degree apart from each other. Do these numbers sound right? I really don't know a thing about this system. My contractor gives out information sparingly.
    Thanks Ed
  2. teetech

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    EWT = Loop or well entering water temperature.
    LWT = Loop or well leaving water temperature.
    Sensors A & B are external to your unit and were installed by your dealer as an add-on.
    I have no idea where he placed them.
    I suggest you contact your dealer for the answer to your question.
  3. clockwalk

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    Sensor A and B meaning revealed

    I saw my contractor today. He said the sensors indicate the water temperatures entering or leaving the Water Furnace. He had mistakenly put both on the same pipe. All straightened out today.
    Thanks for your input on this subject.
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    This is a little like putting both shoes on the same foot:eek::D:eek:

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