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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Unplayable, Dec 30, 2013.

  1. Unplayable

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    I have a Warerfurnace Envision, just went out of warranty 3 weeks ago. I have a water flow fault. Outdoor temps are around 10F. I can reset it but only for a day or two and it locks out. I'm on aux heat now as the last time I ran it, it ran for 3 hours putting out 66F air.

    4 ton, horizontal loop closed.

    Entering temps last night were 48F, exiting temps 43-44F.

    I installed the system myself just over 5 yrs ago, no issues on the heat or cool side until now. I'm about ready to call in a WF dealer as this appears to be beyond my skill level. I have read WF has had issues with the TXV which could create similar problems.

    Any thoughts or comments would be great.
  2. Mark Custis

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    My guess.

    Leak in the refrigerant side. Co-ax or air side.

  3. engineer

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    I second the guess. Loss of refrigerant charge drops the temperature where the sensor is mounted to below the freeze protection setpoint and the system responds by throwing a water flow error.

    Double check the warranty coverage. Default WF warranty from that era is 10 years. Opting for the 5 year warranty saved money upfront...

    Situation unseen, I'd bet with 90% certainty you have an aircoil refrigerant leak. Any conventional heat pump tech equipped with a leak detector and soapy bubbles and able to fog a mirror ought to be able to find it. If you are adventurous (I'm betting you are, since you installed it) look carefully around the aircoil, particularly in its condensate drip tray, for oil. That'll be compressor oil, a sure sign of a refrigerant leak.

    Assuming it has leaked but still runs, any tech with a set of gauges and a refrigerant scale ought to be able to recharge it and get you through the winter.

    Replacing the air coil, if needed, won't be cheap.

    Let me reiterate this is free-and-worth-every-penny internet advice, no substitute for competent boots on the ground.
  4. Unplayable

    Unplayable New Member

    I think i will call In a dealer. The unit runs without faults now but the cycle time is much longer than I remember.

    If for example, the air coil needs replaced, what kind of $$ would I be looking at? The reason I ask, is with the fed credits and my local utility company rebates could put a new unit pretty cheap.
  5. AMI Contracting

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    How bout we start with water pressure eh? Low pressure could lead to inadequate btu's to extract from brine, a quick pump up would fix that.
  6. Unplayable

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    I always figured if you had positive pressure, you were good. I checked the system to be around 18psi. I bumped it up to 45psi and really don't notice a difference in performance.

    As far as compressor oil, I did run a shop rag over the coil and drain pan, some black residue, but very little found on the rag.

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