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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by geome, Sep 14, 2010.

  1. geome

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    Hi all. We are getting a yellow/amber comfort alert flash code 4 (locked rotor) on our split 2-ton WF system.

    Readings taken in second stage:

    EWT 76.1 f
    LWT 86.3 f

    Pressure delta is 2.7 (33.7-31.0)

    I calculated 6.3 gpm using the above figures and the unit running at about 91% of spec heat of rejection. System was installed 5/2009. We had one other unexplained (I didn't know to check comfort alert then) lockout in 12/2009 (I think) in heating mode. System has run great otherwise.

  2. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Update - after resetting the system last night, no other lockouts. The installer suggested they check for loose connections and check the capacitors. They said they have gone through numerous capacitors with other equipment (that uses the same capacitors as the WF) this past harsh winter and summer.

    Anyone, anyone? Bueller, Bueller? :)
  3. engineer

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    Caps are a weakness

    In my limited experience cap failure is the single most common cause of system failure, although I'd expect them to last more than a year or so, particularly in an indoor environment.

    I THINK (am not sure) that a locked rotor error on a Comfort Talk is consistent with cap failure...I'll leave it to others with more boots-on-the-ground-time to confirm that.
  4. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Thanks engineer for the input. My basic understanding of the believed cause of our occasional lockouts with our split system is the Comfort Alert occasionally not reading start up current (even though there is proper current.) After 9-12 months with no lockout, I'll have a better idea if this is the case. Involvement by WF was very helpful to me and to our installer .
  5. newgeohp

    newgeohp New Member

    Hi geome

    I had the same issue about a month ago with three lockout a few days apart, and I also have a 2T unit but, not a split. I was told this is a issue with the small (<3T) Emersion units. WF had the installer loop the red wire thru the comfort alert twice (measure 2X the current) and it has not happened since.
  6. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    Ditto on the solution used for us. We have not had the issue reoccur. I hope the solution will not mask a problem where the comfort alert should really trip (I have no idea.)

    Interesting on the <3 ton units being effected. I heard about the splits second hand (WF to one tech, to a second tech, to me, so it's possible the information I was told may be a bit muddled, or there may have been a change.

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