WF Envision 049, discharge hot water

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    WF Envision 049, "DHW" switch off

    Our WaterFurnace’ Envison 049 is only three and a half years old. It’s under service contract that serviceman comes to check every spring to make sure the unit running properly. Early last month the unit called for service. The repairman came to check and conclude the compressor went dead. It was extremely rare occurrence according to the repairman. He said WF people told him this was the third incident in this particular model. Four days later (Nov. 10) he brought a new compressor to replace it.
    This past Sunday it called for service again. I checked the indicating lights on the unit first before called for service. I noticed the “Status” light blinking (which meant normal according to the manual), and “DHW” light on which meant hot water discharge was shut off. The switch to turn on and off of this discharge is right under the “DHW” light. I checked the manual to learn the discharge needs to be turn off while the unit is in service. Clearly, the repairman came to replace the compressor forgot turning it back on three weeks ago.
    Another serviceman came just before noon and spent almost three hours trying to find out the problem. He did make the unit run but could not figure out what went wrong.
    According to the manual, when “DHW” is on and water temperature reaches 130oF “… unit’s hot water pump will be de-energized to prevent excessive temperatures.” My assumption is while the “DHW” was left off and the water temperature reaches the limit the de-energized system could not kick on and stop the unit. Is my assumption correct? Had this overheat (assumed) partially damaged the unit?
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    The desuperheater not running will not damage your system, you just didn't get the benefit of the unit assisting your hotwater heater.
  3. geome

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    I agree with tstolze and would add that the 130f temperature limit (of domestic hot water) is to de-energize the DSH, not the entire geothermal unit. The geothermal unit can run without the DSH, but not the reverse.
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  4. pinelake

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    WF Envison 049, quit and no indication

    The unit quit again this morning, 2nd time in less than a week. This time I followed what the serviceman did last time just shut off power from circuit breaker. Five min. later I switched the circuit break back on and "call for service" sign has disappeared on the thermostat. Consequently, the unit is running as usual. The problem is the indicating lights on the unit showed normal but the unit just would not run.
    It was unthinkable to replace a compressor when the unit is only three and a half years old. Maybe, there is other problem to cause the compressor malfunction, additionally, also stop the unit running sporadically. Any idea?
  5. urthbuoy

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    Not really enough information other than you are telling us the unit isn't running. The blinking status lights mean it is ready to run, so you need to give us some indication on why it is not running.

    The DHW light can be considered a non-issue for the moment.

    If you have a heat pump with blinking green status (ready to go) and it is not running I'd look at thermostat wiring/programming.
  6. engineer

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    Envision will make 3 attempts to get past a flow or pressure error before locking out and annunciating the call for service. Resetting power clears that. It will NOT annunciate the first two trips - it simply stops and restarts several minutes later.

    I agree that DSH pump has nothing to do with unit's failure to run. I also agree that compressor failure at this young age is rare.Compressors are often mis-diagnosed as failed when they are not.

    You need for the unit to trip and annunciate the error on the front panel. Low water flow is the most common error in heating season. The unit trips on 30 continuous seconds of suction line temperature below 30F for water-only systems or below 15 F for anti-freeze protected systems (closed loop). The difference is selected via a dip switch.
  7. geome

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    Envision units have a Comfort Alert module that may provide additional information (via an LED flash pattern) on the lockout the next time there is an error. Resetting the unit may clear any Comfort Alert messages.
  8. engineer

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    Good point - cycling power does clear Comfort Alert
  9. pinelake

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    I called the installer yesterday. He told me, after discussing with his boss, the blower could be the problem and would bring a new one to replace it. My quesiton is if it's simply blower's problem how could I (and the repairman week earlier) make it run just reset it from circuit breaker? I hope WF could tell me what has they found the problem on the compressor. (The repairman who came to replaced it said the defected one would be sent back to WF to disect and analyze.)
    By the way my unit is open loop system. Thanks for all the helpful answers.:rolleyes:
  10. teetech

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    May I suggest a "soft reset" as to not clear the faults.

    I would review the fault codes before needlessly replacing parts.
  11. engineer

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    ECM blowers aren't cheap, so I'd want to be sure.

    You need a true tech, not a parts-swapper - sounds like they replaced a young compressor, now they want to do a blower??

    There is a fairly cheap diagnostic tool for ECM blowers, called a Tec-Mate

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