WF Cycling poorly help?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by mm99, Jan 24, 2011.

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    Help we had a pretty cold night. I think part of my strip heat is not working so we are not generating the proper heat load for the cold speell we are experiencing.

    MY WF Premiere circa 2005 with WF Thermostat. Open Loop, forced air, 5 Ton, 2 Stage compressor.

    I re-started by turning off breaker.

    Machine runs blower for 5 mins
    @ 6:33 Compressor
    @ 10:53 Compressor Stop
    @14:29 Click ? Getting Taco Valve going??
    @15:24 Compressor on
    @20:27 Compressor off

    This is what I was getting before re-starting the unit. I find this cycle strange. Will it settle down over time?

    Furnace had been getting close to freezing point due to poor water flow but I fixed that today. Do I need to reset something on the board so that it forgets previous freezing prevention cut outs?

    Its unusually cold today so I don't get why the machine is taking 5 minutes to cycle or why its not running a lot longer before taking a break

    Also its s 2 stage machine but I don't hear a transition to the second stage unless its already there.

    The Aux heat is kicking in and but we are staying 2 degrees under set temperature.

    Water in 49-50 Water out 39.

    How does one adjust these cycles or reset this furnace to behave better?

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    I would start by taking a look at the thermostat. What is the thermostat telling the system to do? What are the Y1/Y2 lines doing?
  3. AMI Contracting

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    Depending on thermostat, most aux coils are activated once setpoint is 2* higher than house temp. The flip side of this would be (if yours is set up this way) auxiliary would cut off 2* short of set point.
    What you are describing sounds like low pressure (temperature) lockout (though I don't have much information before me).
    I would improve waterflow and reset unit.
    Good Luck,
  4. mm99

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    Cycling Solved

    Turns out the cycling was being caused by a failsafe pressure switch (pu there years ago by the installer of the original WF) that kicks in at 30 psi and allows the well pump to recover. I think it does this by interrupting the signal to the system that the Valve is fully open.

    Its clever but caused confusion, sorry bout that. I think we are too close to the Pump capacity and also the well capacity that the system requires this failsafe.

    On most days it works though in that we never fall 2 degrees off and call for aux heat. Although you do have me worried about wear and tear of shorter cycles.

    Q1. Alternatives where well capacity may be 12-15 Gals per min?

    Q2. What is best, most durable, biggest bang for the buck pump for Open Loop and why?

    I don't want to mess with pumps/wells for now so I hope I can crawl through winter this way and make changes in the spring.

    The furnace tech also found that strip#2 had a burned out connector and that in supplementary heat only Strip 1-2 are called for while in Emergency heat all 4 strips can be called.

    Q3 Should I be worried about the burned out connector?

    Short cycles and 1 5kw strip was not enough for the very cold days we just went through.

    The numbers btw were in Minutes and Seconds.

    Thanks for your assistance.

  5. AMI Contracting

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    I would not worry about the bad connector.

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