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Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by mike smith, Jun 12, 2017.

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    I have 5 series Water Furnace system. 2 years old. Turned on cooling several weeks ago. Outside temps in 90F range. Thermostat set at 73F. Have 2 zones active. 6 ton unit.
    The blower runs 23 hrs/day, literally. Much of the time the unit in standby mode, with fan on speed #3. When the temp rises, the unit goes directly to cooling stage 2, cools down, then shuts down for a few minutes. Then fan comes on at low speed and stays on all the time. The unit lets the room temp raise 2 degrees before turning on.

    When looking at the thermostat settings, main zone always to call for C1, even if the room temp is lower than set point, dampers are on for main zone only, fan on, and unit in standby mode.

    Tried turning dehumidifier on and off, but that did not make much difference. Also, the unit is connected to ERV in the attic.

    1. Why is fan on so much? It does not take much energy at all, but is that bad? Will it wear out fast?
    2. Why does it use stage 2 cooling so much? I set the differentials to 0.5 degrees for stage 1 and 2 degrees for stage 2. It simply lets the temp in the room go up 2 degrees and then goes directly to stage 2. Then it stays in stage 2 until temps come down almost all the way. I do not remember this happening last year. Heating also was not an issue. Even with subzero temps, stage 2 was rarely used.

    Thanks very much.
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    We need to know the model thermostat and zone panel to understand what is going on with your system.

    If you have the WF IntelliZone2 zoning system with MasterStat, there are many installer settings that effect the staging of the system. Such as-
    Zone Size
    Staging options
    # Zones

    Also, there may be some confusion with the designation of C1 or C2. Each thermostat can make a C1 or C2 call, but that doesn't mean the compressor is running in C1 or C2. That is decided by the zone panel based on configuration settings listed above.

    I am not sure why your fan is running so much unless it is being called to run by your ERV. Extended fan runtime while cooling should be discouraged if humidity is a concern. The fan will just reevaporate any moisture on the coil back into the house.

    It might be time to call your installer in to review settings and check for proper operation.
  3. mike smith

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    Thanks for the reply.

    I do have intellizone 2. I set zone size at 45% each of the 2 zones. The thrmostat priority set for economy option, not comfort. Normal operation mode. Differentials are set to 0.5 for C1 and 1.5 for C2.
    The humidity does go up quite a bit, to over 60%. As soon as the cooling starts, it goes back to 50% thanks to dehumidifier.
    Most of the time, the thermostat shows C1 call from the main zone, although the unit still runs in standby mode and fan on low speed. Not sure why that happens.

    Installer coming this week.
    Just out of curiosity, how does the ERV integrate? How does it know when to run? Does AC fan have to be on for ERV to work?

  4. geoxne

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    Economy mode is making your fan run with no compressor running. The system in this mode will try to pull cooler air from the other zone not calling while the main zone has a low level C1 call. If it is not working for you try the comfort setting. From the install manual-
    IZ2 Zone Priority.JPG
  5. mike smith

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    Excellent. Thank you very much. Makes sense now. The operation is quite efficient overall, just was not sure how it works. I will download and read the instal manual. Looks like it does explain quite a bit.

    Thanks again!

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