WF Aurora Controls & ModBus Thermostats

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  1. geo_jon

    geo_jon New Member

    After having a series 5 installed in Apr 14, and waiting for WF to release their AWL (Aurora Web Link) board, I got tired of waiting and REVERSE engineered some of the protocol.
    I have made attempts to contact WF about their protocol and have been met with the same resistance. My system is using a small linux computer with a $3 USB->RS485 adapter and is plugged in the front of the WF unit. I have been monitoring the temps/pressures/energy usage now for about a year, displaying that information on a website and archiving for baseline performance.

    The protocol is basic ModBus using a "user-defined" function 0x41. Most responses are simple and I have put together a variable map (at least for the monitoring side of things).

    PM me if anyone is interested.
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  2. mciholas

    mciholas New Member


    I couldn't figure out how to PM you on this forum, but I am very interested in working with you to decode the ModBus protocol WF uses. We've done some work on this so perhaps we can combine results and see where we are. We have all 9 of our series 5 units on the network with inexpensive RS485 serial adapters, and we are heading towards a logging system to monitor them continuously.

    If you like, you can contact me at my email address:

  3. Graham C

    Graham C New Member

    I would be very interested to get involved as well. Has any of the info been published to an sites?

    I have 2x 7 Series units
  4. geo_jon

    geo_jon New Member

    I have been sending the info that I have along to folks as they ask for it through "conversation" but there seems to be quite a bit of interest. I will try and put this together on a website and post back here. In the meantime, I will send to anyone offline. Start a "conversation" with me that way I will be sure and see it.
  5. Steve White

    Steve White New Member

    Could not find the conversation link... would be interested in information you would be willing to share.
    Currently have 2x 5-series units, and hoping to be able to query and log functional statistics to better be able to know my system is working as advertised, and how well it is working, etc.
  6. alexwolfe

    alexwolfe New Member

    I know this is an old topic, but does anyone have any info to share on the modbus protocol? Thanks!
  7. ccutrer

    ccutrer New Member

    add me to the list of people interested in this. I have an AWL with my series 7, and I've already got a pretty good handle on being able to monitor and control it via their WebSocket interface, but I'd love to cut out the middle-man with its increased latency and round-trip to the cloud, instead talking directly to the Modbus.
  8. Nigel B

    Nigel B New Member

    Does anyone have a list of MODBUS registers for the Waeterfurnace Aurora/symphony system. I am trying to get information to trouble shoot my system

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