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  1. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    I would like to add the intellizone 2 to my existing wf - 7 series.

    From the installation instructions found online, this doens't look difficult at all.

    Is ther any where were I can get the control board and 2 10x24 dampers for this installation??
  2. the blur

    the blur Member

    I have the Intellizone & hate it. There is no internet thermostat that is compatible with it. The staging is terrible. You have limited control for zone 2, 3 & 4.
    For my 1 zone systems, I brought the home depot Honeywell stat. I have the app on my phone. It's amazing.
  3. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    I have the waterfurnace thermostat and have no issues with it. It appears to work with the intellizone system (which I hope)
  4. geoxne

    geoxne Active Member Forum Leader

    The WF TPCC32U01 color thermostat was firmware updated on 6/2016 to enable use as a zone thermostat with the Intellizone2 system.
    Check your firmware version.
    The IntelliZone2 system comes with one MasterStat. The MasterStat looks just like the unit above but it is not equivalent. It will require an AID Tool or Dealer AWL access to set up communication between your Series7 and IZ2.

    There are many settings on the IZ2-
    -Zone %
    -Differentials Stage1, 2, 3
    -Comfort/Economy Modes

    All need to be adjusted by the dealer to meet the requirements of the user.
  5. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    With that being said, what is the viability of me, the homeowner installing the system myself?
  6. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Close to none. The motorized dampers you can get at supply shops, but the board and controls are proprietary for WF.

    They also have an app on the iPhone. The 7 series is a variable speed system, compressor and fan, and the intellizone is specifically designed for controlling variable speed heat pumps with up to 6 zones.

    It is strikingly different from a 1 zone honeywell. The reason why no internet thermostat is compatible with it is because no internet thermostat can do what intellizone is designed to do.
  7. Neokane

    Neokane Member


    I already have the tpcc32u01 thermostat and the WF app on the phone.

    I would just need the intelizone board and dampers for the installation, then configure the intelizone
  8. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Again, the board you have to get from your WF dealer, the dampers you can buy anywhere. They are simple open/close dampers, 24V. The board is proprietary for WF. It is their own board. You might get it from your WF dealer.
  9. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    Ok, I will get in touch with them.
    Do you know what the going rate on the board would be?
  10. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    IntelliZone2 with MasterStat and AXB communication harness

    Communicating Zone System (Only works with 5 and 7 Series units with advanced controls)

    Multiple level zone calls communicate exact zone load requirements

    Controls up to 6 zones w/7 Series Variable Speed units, 4 zones w/dual capacity

    compressor, and 2 w/single-speed compressor

    Direct control of Variable Speed ECM fan motor to match needs of the space 6-8 fan

    speeds on line, up to 12 speeds available

    Zone sizes as small as 25% of whole house (15% variable speed and 25% dual


    Individual zone selectable economy or comfort mode

    Four staging options: normal, quicker, faster1 or faster2 for various

    application scenarios

    Seperate staging options for heating and cooling

    Dehumidification mode lowers airflow in cooling for better dehumidification

    Power consumption displayed on MasterStat for all 7 Series and 5 Series with

    Advanced Controls

    Kit includes - IntelliZone2 relay board, MasterStat, AXB harness, TSU02



    Zone Thermostat

    Option for any of Zones 2 through 6

    Full setback capability with communication to the IntelliZone2 system



    Zone Sensor Thermostat

    Option for any of Zones 2 through 6.

    Full setback capability (through the MasterStat only) with communication to the

    IntelliZone2 system



    TroubleShooting Kit

    Back plate of the MasterStat with harness to plug into IntelliZone2 relay board for set

    up and service at the zone panel



    Zone Transformer Kit - 208/240V - 24V



    Prices above are list prices.
  11. Neokane

    Neokane Member

  12. the blur

    the blur Member

    The Intellizone 2, with the split system. I think the 5 series. Is there a way to get an app, or internet control ?
  13. Neokane

    Neokane Member

    Get the tpcc32u01 thermostat and the aurora web link.

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