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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by rjstevens, Nov 8, 2020.

  1. rjstevens

    rjstevens New Member

    I am Having a 7 series water furnace installed. I am going with the desuperheater for the hot water tank, however I don’t have a holding tank and I don’t know that I have room for one. Is this a bad idea?
  2. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    People that measure these things concluded that you need a buffer tank, or the DSH won't produce a significant amount of hot water. If you are short on space, you could install a tankless WH at the output of the buffer tank.
  3. rjstevens

    rjstevens New Member

    That is a great idea. Haven’t even thought about a tankless water heater. Would that be more efficient?
  4. SShaw

    SShaw Active Member Forum Leader

    I don't think tankless are significantly more efficient. If you go that way and choose an electric unit, look for one that modulates the heating element based on the incoming water temp, like the Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus.
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  5. ChrisJ

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    There was someone who used a single tank that used to be on here.

    If I remember correctly he was using a timer to shut off heating elements except for times when hot water usage was high.
  6. gsmith22

    gsmith22 Active Member Forum Leader

    careful with electric powered tankless water heaters. Depending on size, you could need to upgrade incoming electrical service. They pull a serious amount of electricity which is why the gas version is more commonly used.
  7. mrpac

    mrpac Member

    I am not "that guy" that you are referring to above, but I have an active desuperheater without the buffer tank I. A combined electric single water heater setup.

    The system was installed that way prior to me purchasing the home.

    It works fine, although I am sure not as efficient as with a pre-heated buffer tank.
    I don't see any elements disconnected either...

    I don't have the space for the buffer tank either.

    Hope that this helps,
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