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  1. rrmadore

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    Does anyone know what the average well water temperature is in western Massachusetts? I have a Climatemaster Tranquility 27 Series 5 ton system with an open loop set up/standing column well. The EWT right now is 46 and LWT is 41 (reading from PT port with digital thermometer). I’ve been told by the system designer that an EWT of 49-50 would be preferred and I’ve been playing with my bleed rate but can’t seem to get the EWT above 47, which would make sense if that’s the highest temp water my well will produce. Temperature outside right now is 11 degrees. Any info is greatly appreciated!
  2. Mark Custis

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    Your numbers where good before you started tinkering. Geothermal systems operate as a moving target.

    Mileage may very.
  3. docjenser

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    You might gain a couple degrees in EWT but at the price of greater pumping power. Not always worth it.
  4. nhwiki

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    Seems about right. I'm in New Hampshire, and our well temp right now is 47. Started out at 52, and as soon as we really start heating, down between 48 and 47. Roughly 10% bleed. 2 climate masters, one downstairs that runs quite a bit, especially when it gets really cold, and a unit for the upstairs that kicks in from time to time. My guess is that your well temp will stabilize somewhere around 46 or 47 by the end of the winter. I messed around with our bleed last year, but the ground temp is what it is, and 47 is fine for a standing column well up here.
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    I am a hydrogeologist (groundwater engineer). A rule of thumb we use for a first cut when we don't have actual data is the average groundwater temperature is usually close to the average annual temperature for the area. This is good first cut for intermediate to deep wells where seasonal temperature fluctuations are minor. For shallow wells, the temperature swings between summer and winter seasons will be much greater
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    See attachment. It might help.

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    My ground water temp is at a steady 47* with my current bleed setting which is consistent with nhwiki's post and the map that docjenser posted. Looks like that's as good as it's gonna get during the winter months.

    Thank you very much guys!

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