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Discussion in 'Open Loop' started by fastmat23, Dec 12, 2011.

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    About two years ago I built a new home and installed a Bard Geothermal Heat Pump. I am using my well as the source for water and using my pond for the dump of water. The system works great! My bills from my utility company have been lower than 50.00 per month in the coldest month here in Michigan. Im heating a home 2800 sq.ft. However, I do have a couple concers and would like some advice or opinions to kind of ease my mind.

    As with any well you have the risk of it going dry so this is always been a concern. My well guy said I was pumping 12-18 gallons a minute but I have read a couple articles saying the geothermal unit uses like 2500 gallons a day. Is that true?

    Also, my well supplies water for daily use. Showers, laundry, cleaning. This means my well pump kicks on every time the Geo starts up or when there is a lack of pressure. Does the well pump kick on everytime the pressure tank kicks on? This is also a concern because will I need to be buying a new well pump every five years?

    Since I have an open loop system do I need to flush the pump for cleaning? Im concerned about build up or sediment.

    Please let me know what you think regarding my system. Because of all the water and well and concerns I have I was researching a pond loop. Let me know what you think.

    Thank you!
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    Geo can easily pump over 2500 gallons a day. It depends on flow rate through the unit and number of hours per day it is operation. Gallons per minute x number of minutes. If your electric bill is only $50, and you don't have any solar/wind/hydro to offset your bill, I'd say your unit doesn't run much. If you've been operating for 2 years and haven't run out of water, why are you worried now? If you've suddenly grown a conscience about how much water you're throwing down the drain to run your geo - oops, sorry. Someone should have told you sooner pump and dump uses a lot of water. Some guys here won't install it for that reason.
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    all that plus,
    a pump and dump wears out pumping equipment like your car wears out tires. It is just a fact of operation. this sounds like it was a DIY? If so, you should have addressed all these questions before the install not post install. If it has worked for 2 years, why the jitters now?
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    Open Loop

    Thank you for the info! The system was professionally installed and he did tell me it was the most efficient way to go and judging from my Heating and Cooling bills he was right on! I recently have gotten the jitters because a friend of mine started talking about the water usage and thats what made me start researching connecting a possible pond closed loop. Like you said if it has been functioning great for two years why worry now. I guess I just wanted some advice here. Thank you Blake! I do have another question you might be able to answer. Im looking into heating my garage and was wondering by using radiant heaters could I flow the hot water generated by my geo through the piping and back into my geo? Just an idea. thank you again!

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    Open Loop

    Hello Eric! It was a professional installation and I was aware of the water use, but just curious what others thought. Its a great system just what if? You know?
  6. Mark Custis

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    If you have a pond

    to convert the system is just the cost of engineering, digging and pipe.

    I like ponds, closed systems and a good mini track hoe.

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    Pond Loop

    Thanks Mark! what would be the price for the piping? Just an idea. My pond is 185ftx150ft around 18-19ft deep.
  8. Mark Custis

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    The cost of the piping.....

    ....depends on who puts it in.

    The pond you describe would handle 15 tons or better here in the Cleveland Ohio area.

    The cost also depends on what type of pipe one puts in the pond.

    I have installed pex, pex-al-pex, and HDPE srd 11 in ponds. They all work. If you have a pond use it.

    I live with Lake Erie as my back yard. I have lived in the mitten, too.

    I do not like war, but I will do what is needed to protect me and mine. You are one of mine as we share the Great Lakes Basin. I can get fired up about trolls and yuppers pumping and dumping. I have eaten and drank with trolls who think pump and dump is OK. I would introduce these folks to my Mom and my daughters, but given a choice I would make closed loop the law.

    What about the hole in the Great Lakes basin thought to b caused by the St. Clair dredging? Is it real?

    I can help with the pond if you wish.


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