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    In the USA Jaccusi was bought out by the franklin electric expansion I think. Any way the short version is that 90% of the issues you will have with a submersible pump are electrical in nature. Any wing nut can build a water pump, the motor is the important peice of the unit. Any water pump with a franklin electric motor is going to work well. That being said, if the canuck version of Jaccusi has a different motor that the installer believes in and will warranty, I would let him do his thing and sit back and enjoy the show.
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    Thanks Eric, I am looking forward to getting this done. I will post what the diffrence will be in power consumption once I have everything set-up the way i want it.
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    So the old pompco 1.5hp 20gpm well pump has been removed and a new 3/4 hp 15gpm Franklin Electric J-class pump installed. The installer looked at my numbers and recommended the 15gpm and so in the end thats what I went with. I have my 3 ton geo now dialed down to about 8gpm which is the lowest I could go without having my pump cycling. The pressure tank is now set at 30psi-52psi and the pump sits at about 49psi when only the geo is running which is why i bumped the 50 to 52psi. I did an extra usage test by running a bathtub, two sinks and flushing the toilet all while the geo was running and the pressure didnt drop below 35psi. I then used my TED5000 power monitor and noted that my geo stage one total power usage including well pump went from 4kw/hr pre pump replacement to 3kw/hr now. I estimate roughly that I will be able to recover the $1000 cost for pump replacement in a year to 18 months. In the end I think this was worth it as electricity prices are only getting higher here so it was better to do it now than later. On a side note, I helped the guy who swapped the pump out and it allowed me to see what I need to do if ever I have to pull it out again in the future i.e. breakage etc. From all of my reading I have come to the conclusion that one of the biggest mistakes made when going open loop is a pump that is oversized. i have come across so many articles talking about this and I have been hearing similar from many of you on this site. I hope this information could help others in my situation.Thanks for all the help and feedback.
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    Alls well that ends well. I am glad that reducing your pumping hp by 50% will allow you to recoup the money and correct a "original mistake" in sizing your pump. Spread the word and help others.
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    If you want the best well pump replacement then Submersible pumps are by far the best and most popular well pump. Submersible pumps are installed below the water and last for years and very rarely it requires repair.
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    Thanks for the data, I was just looking for similar calculations. Now it will be much easier for me to navigate!

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