Pennsylvania Well pump cycling (video)

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    LOL @ Dan.

    We the knowing starve while the hacks hack.
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    One rule of thumb for domestic use is 1gpm per fixture or appliance or spigot. With conservation measures you could knock that down.

    HP Flow-
    The definitive way is to measure the pressure drop across the coil and compare to published charts in the manufacturers spec catalog. If you don't have PT ports you can't check.

    Only if the HP is working correctly, you can measure the water temperature difference across the coil (difficult to do accurately without PT ports). Generally, but not in all cases, Open Loop with >50f EWT @ 1.5gpm/ton nominal, you should see about a 10f drop in water temperature while heating. A 6gpm flow control installed would be best as it will compensate as pressure changes in the system.
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    Happy it worked out for a reasonable price!

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