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Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Eric D, Jan 15, 2008.

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    To help people understand the benefits of geothermal over other more common heating and cooling systems has anyone come across any exceptional websites that you might like to share the link to? Might be fun to have folks vote for their favorite website and to rank them on the GeoExchange. Might even convince GeoExchange to have a special excellence award for the best site!:rolleyes:...just a thought!
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  3. Eric D

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    Thanks for the link to OurCoolHouse. This is a very cool site! I spent way to much time looking it over.


    Eric D
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    waterfurnace.com is a pretty well done site
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    More sites...

    I might suggest these 2 sites to look at; alliantenergygeothermal.com is interesting as they have an A to Z section across the top which is like a short course in this technology. Check it out! Then, look at the systems that ecrtech.com does. I'm psyched on this stuff.
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    You overlook the obvious.....
    I really like it here
    geoexchange.org forum:)

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