Waterfurnace vs. Carrier

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by jkeyser14, Aug 14, 2009.

  1. jkeyser14

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    I've got several quotes for a new system, all in the same ballpark. A couple vendors are recommending WaterFurnace Envision series, one is recommending a Carrier GT-PX.

    Assuming all other things equal with the installs, does anyone have any feedback on what is better, the Carrier or the WaterFurnace?
  2. Carrier makes this unit that claims similar EERs, to the Waterfurnace Envision, and is substantially less cost. I have not personally dealt with this particular Carrier, but will say that in my experience the Waterfurnace brand ,as of now, is the most durable out there. Has a 10 yr factory parts and labor warranty. Not to try to be hard, but after 25 years in the business, I have not become a fan of any Carrier products.
  3. geoken

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    Carrier geothermal products are produced by Climate Master and branded as Carrier.
  4. Mark Custis

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    They all look alike

    ....because they are.
  5. stevecaz

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    I think everyone knows this, but just to reiterate - Carrier just rebrands Climatemaster. The Carrier GT-PX is just the Climatemaster Tranquility 27.

    Carrier needed a geothermal line for their dealers to satisfy customer requests and get their name in the game, and Climatemaster scores by selling their units through a huge dealer base.
  6. stevecaz

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    While who and how they came up with ratings is unknown, its still nice to see a third party rate the Tranquility 27 with 5*. The Carrier GT-PX is identical with the same warranty.
  7. Carrier/Climatemaster warranty is weak next to Waterfurnace 10 yr Parts and Labor...paid by the factory. Best of all....hardly any warranty claims are filed in that 10 yrs.
  8. AMI Contracting

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    Once again, the very best brand of heat pump is.......
    That which is installed by the contractor in your area with the best references.
    Due your due dillegence on the contractor and don't sweat the brand.
    Good luck,
  9. geome

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    For what it's worth, our HVAC contractor installs Water Furnace units for geothermal and Carrier units for other HVAC. He told me during our WF install 4 months ago that he attended Carrier's training for their geothermal systems and that he would continue to recommend and install Water Furnace units and that he would install Carrier geothermal systems only if he was specifically asked to do so by a customer. He said that Water Furnace was his first choice because he thought their systems were better. Unfortunately, he did not give specific reasons. We are very happy with our install and system. Don't forget to look for installer experience, training, and warranty.
  10. Mark Custis

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    I will install anything

    ...but, they are all the same.

    I like the heat controller board the best.
  11. eisensms

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    What if after months of trying, you can't get any local contractors to take my $30,000 to do an install?
    Then who do I turn to?

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