New Jersey WaterFurnace Temperature Offset Oddities

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Troubleshooting' started by Viper GTS, May 15, 2020.

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    I have a WaterFurnace 7 Series that's coming up on two years old. Overall it has been great, but a couple women in my life have consistently complained of being cold despite reasonable thermostat settings (69-71 typically year round.

    Recently I had the bright idea to buy a bunch of wireless tags ( and distribute them throughout my house. I discovered almost immediately that there was a fairly significant delta between what the WaterFurnace thermostats were reading and what temperatures actually were. My main floor thermostat was reading 2F above actual, with the second floor reading 4F above actual. I sanity checked these readings with an IR thermometer and all my wireless tags + IR thermometer are in agreement.

    So, that's a simple problem, right? I went into the installer menu and applied a -2 offset and a -4 offset respectively. The house warmed up to an appropriate temperature and everything is great. All sensors in agreement throughout the house.

    The oddity I have found is that around once a day the offset goes wonky. It's almost as if it's getting double applied. For example, this morning my 2nd floor said 66F when it was definitely 70F. I removed the offset and the thermostat immediately read 70F which matched my other sensors. I then walked away for 5 minutes, and when I came back the thermostat now read 74. I have 1 minute interval temperature logs that are basically a flat line during this time period, there absolutely was not a 4F shift much less 8. I re-applied the -4 offset and Symphony + my other sensors are now in perfect agreement again.

    This really feels like a software issue to me, is this something that any of you smart people have encountered? I don't keep a 4+ degree range normally between heat and cool when in auto mode so this kind of jumping around could easily result in a call for heat when I don't want it.

    Hopefully this is as simple as 'Oh you need firmware version X.Y, it was released six months ago.'

    Anybody else seen anything like this?

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