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    When utilized properly, the ECM motor will provide precise airflow control for a given space. The ECM will operate on up to six/eight pre-configured airflow levels depending on the load requirements of the house. All airflow is setup for the 5 or 7 Series in the AID Tool. If the IntelliZone2 is controlling:

    • 5 Series single or dual-capacity unit, there will be 6 total airflow levels, two airflow levels for low-speed compressor operation and two airflow levels for high- speed compressor operation and one for continuous blower and one for auxiliary heat.

    • 7Seriesvariablespeedunit,therewillbe8totalairflow levels, one airflow level continuous blower and auxiliary heat settings and six airflow levels for the variable speed compressor ranging from 25, 40, 55, 70, 85, and 100% airflow depending upon the zone call.

      By varying the airflow level per the needed output capacity of the heat pump, bypass is eliminated and the correct amount of air is delivered to the house. Consult the 5 and 7 Series technical literature for more information on airflow setup."

      From the literature, and what our experience is, it seems to be able of doing exactly what you say it cannot do. ;)

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    It's too bad no one at WF could explain that to me; I guess I should have posed the question here first. I was very explicit with WF that I would only use their communicating stats if they improved the efficiency of the system and fully exploited the variable speed motor. But they were pretty adamant that fan speed was tied to compressor staging, as evidenced by my email response pasted in a previous post.

    According to pages 33 & 34 of the 5 series specs (https://www.waterfurnace.com/literature/5series/sc2500an.pdf) it describes setup fan speeds associated with compressor staging (Y1, Y2), fan only, and aux heating. I suppose I should have referred to the intellizone manual instead. No where else in the specs does it talk about the fan speeds and ability to control them decoupled from compressor staging.

    Regardless, I am very happy with my Honeywell + ecobees. The UI is amazing, and the cost savings not insignificant. The aurora advanced + intellizone2 + symphony + master stat + zone stats was over $1,000 delta. But like I said, the big catch for me was avoiding being in a situation 10 years down the road where WF decides to not support either hardware or software... which happened with my last Trane system.
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    Not many technician, even at Waterfurnace, are able to fully understand the functions of the intellizone 2 system.

    Intellizone 1 was specifically design to avoid the need for bypass dampers and came with a wiring harness which could splice into the fan control of the ECM fan motor. Thus inteelizone 1 would work with other heat pumps as well.
    Then with the appearance of the 7 series and the standardization of controls (Aurora) WF had a sophisticated control solution, which is primarily designed for the 7 series, but works also well with the 5 series.

    One disadvantage is that it "dummies" down the 12 stage control in the 7 series to a 6 stage control. And it is proprietary to WF Aurora controls and its infrastructure, and does not work without it.
    But it is a longterm platform technology for Waterfurnace, and negates the need for a bypass damper, which makes heat pumps inherently inefficient, dues to the much warmer entering air temperatures.
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    Yes, you are again referring to the orphan control of the 5 series. 2 compressor stages, 2 blower speed settings. However, when the intellizone takes over, different zones require different fan speeds, independent of the compressor stage. The 5 series running on its own is different than the interllizone controlling the 5 series.
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    Hi; I'm a new member and my wife is from Sweden and can't stand how noisy the forced air sound is. Is it possible with a ATC32U02 thermostat to slow down blower speed?
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    This thread is about the Waterfurnace Symphony System. The ATC32U02 thermostat is a Climatemaster product. Apples to Oranges. If you have a question about the Climatemaster ATC32U02 thermostat, you should probably start a new thread specific to that.

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