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  1. parrisjr

    parrisjr Member

    Has anyone had the new WF Symphony system installed? If so what are your thoughts, and do you feel it is worth the expense for what it offers?

  2. greeby

    greeby New Member

    So, there are really 3 pages in the Symphony web screens. Screenshots attached.

    I had the color thermostat so they just had to install the Symphony wireless router, update the ABC and AXB boards with new firmware and update the thermostat to version 3.0.

    Install was $650.00 all in. I was the first install the company had done so the tech took pictures of every step of the process and we kind of learned together.

    I'd like to have EWT displayed in addition to LWT.


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  3. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    It will be standard on all our installs.......

    Great feature(s).
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  4. greeby

    greeby New Member

    The built-in AID tool makes it great for your tech to see what's happening remotely too.
  5. ACES-Energy

    ACES-Energy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Put first one in last night on a unit from last fall and customer is on this board so sure he will post. A majority or all going forward will have it for us!

    "You can't measure what you don't know"...........
  6. byundt

    byundt New Member

    My understanding is that the installer has access to more data using Symphony than the homeowner, and can even make changes to setup parameters remotely. While I understand that most homeowners don't care about the technical details, I am an engineer and would very much like to have read-only access to those installer screens.

    My installer says that their log-in screen will let them view all of their customers' systems, so obviously I cannot be permitted to have access to the installer screens. I therefore hope that future versions of the Symphony app expose all of the data available to end-users. WaterFurnace, are you listening?
  7. ACES-Energy

    ACES-Energy Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    You are correct, the installer has a separate portal where they can see all their systems that are online. They can drill down and see some more detailed data. It can not be exported or sorted yet, and have to rely on copy/paste and than sort in excel, but better than nothing> hopefully they will continue to improve and address systems because there is some great data being collected and stored!!
  8. NCMike

    NCMike New Member

    When will it become standard?
  9. Brian Lemert

    Brian Lemert New Member

    Just got my Symphony installed yesterday and had a few questions... I've lost my internet connection already and after it came back up I had to pull the plug on the Aurora "router" - has anyone else seen this behavior? Kind of annoying especially since I wasn't notified, I just happened to walk by my Thermostat and saw the warning message. It would have sucked if I would have been on vacation and needed to access Symphony... my second question is in the way the Aurora unit connect to my access point... I currently do not have a password on my WiFi network, but MAY change that in the near future... how do I go about telling the Aurora unit the password? I have great respect for my dealer but I just don't think he is going to have the answers to these questions... also wondering why WF didn't include an ethernet jack on the Aurora unit?
  10. byundt

    byundt New Member

    The pdf document "Aurora Weblink Installation Guide IG2001EW" describes how to set up your Symphony and change the WiFi password. It has step by step instructions for both Mac and Windows computers, complete with pictures. The sequence of steps below is taken from that document.

    To change the WiFi password for your home network on your Symphony:
    1. On the AWL box, use a paperclip to hold the Mode button down for 5 seconds. The Mode button is like a little recessed "reset" switch on the edge of the AWL with the Ethernet cables and antenna. You should see some blinking LED lights when you have successfully switched into local mode. You now have 30 minutes to play with your AWL before it automatically switches back to your home WiFi network.
    2. On your computer, change the WiFi network to the one being broadcast by the AWL. The SSID should be like AWL-xx-xx-xx. If you don't see it, turn your computer's WiFi off and then back on again.
    3. On your computer's web browser, enter the following URL:
    4. You should see the AuroraControl webpage with two buttons on the main menu. Click the bottom one AWL Configuration.
    5. On the resulting webpage, click the button for Change WiFi Network
    6. On the resulting webpage, click the button for Scan for WiFi Networks
    7. Choose your home WiFi network. You should now be given a chance to enter the password for your network.

    WaterFurnace doesn't make the instructions and software for the Symphony visible to search engines. They do so to avoid the trouble that some users will surely get into by changing settings that they don't fully understand. I respect that logic, and am not going to post the URL.

    If you are comfortable with a "look, but don't touch" approach to the Symphony, I suggest that you ask your dealer for the URL for Aurora Controls Toolbox and associated pdf files.

    Assuming that you are OK with "look but don't touch", on the AuroraControl Main Menu in step 4, the other button is labelled AID Tool (Unit Found). That's the one that opens Pandora's Box with all the settings and data reported by your system. This includes the limited subset reported to the end user with the Symphony app on your phone and the full set available to a service tech using an AID tool. You'll be asked for a passcode, which I am choosing not to post--but you can get it from your dealer or in the pdf.
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  11. Brian Lemert

    Brian Lemert New Member

    He did give me the address to the Aurora toolbox website as I needed to D/L the firmware and update my Masterstat as it's existing firmware was incompatible with Aurora and I updated it myself. I appreciate your instructions and I did find the .PDF on the site -so I should be able to change my WiFi's password as needed. He did everything through his cell phone during setup so I'll probably go that route... any thoughts on needing to power cycle the route?
  12. byundt

    byundt New Member

    I did not need to power cycle either my WiFi router or the AWL.

    After holding down the Mode button for 5 seconds, I did momentarily turn WiFi off on my laptop, then turned it back on as mentioned in step 2. The need to turn WiFi off on my laptop is computer OS dependent--so you may not need to do so. I use a Mac, and the step was required.

    I'm impressed that you had the adapters necessary to connect a USB thumb drive to the Masterstat. That's something else that WaterFurnace made difficult so the homeowner wouldn't be tempted to make an update without a real good reason to do so.
  13. Brian Lemert

    Brian Lemert New Member

    No, no sorry maybe I wasn't clear. Twice I have found the Aurora had lost connection to the internet... the first being after a brief power outage and the second after losing my internet connection. I found the blue LED on the unit blinking and the only way I could get it to reconnect was to power cycle the unit itself... since it's power through the ethernet (or whatever cable that comes from the AID port) I can't put the Aurora on it's own battery backup.
  14. JoeG161

    JoeG161 New Member

    My new Series 7 installation was completed last Monday (03AUG15) with the exception of Symphony. They are coming tomorrow to finish that up. We "added" it to the system under Waterfurnace's new program essentially giving it away until the end of the year. I believe my supplier will begin including it by default. Mine is their second or third installation.

    I am new to the forums - so be kind. I'll post more data as I become more familiar with everything.
  15. JoeG161

    JoeG161 New Member

    Symphony installation complete. It went very well. He probably would have been done in about an hour if it weren't for a difficult run of the 2-wire temperature sensor from outside to the thermostat. (Totally the fault of odd wall construction near my thermostat).

    To the OP, with this system being so advanced and technical, I would recommend Symphony to anyone who has the proper Waterfurnace setup to accept it. I am driving my wife nuts looking at it and messing around looking at the parameters, etc. It is easier than just using the thermostat, and if you are careful, can get into the Aurora controls interface to see A LOT of data. One item in particular I have been watching is how much DHW temperature is being increased while the system is running. Since we are in a bit of a cool spell right now, and the system is either off or barely running, it isn't getting the tank too warm, but it is better than the 65 degrees it is coming in from the street. I am very interested to see how warm it gets once we get some hot weather (next week) and then how it performs when the system switches over to heating.

    Because WF had a program to provide this at no cost (http://www.waterfurnace.com/freesymphony/), and the dealer installed it for free, it was a no brainer. However, I would have gladly paid for it. It appears like this is a $600 item, plus whatever labor a dealer would charge to install.

    One thing I forgot to ask them about, but will, is the available water/sump alarm. We've had some small amounts of water before when sump pump has screwed up. All the sump pump issues are resolved, but if the price is right, it seems like a good use of the "connected home" feature you gain with Symphony.
  16. tonyg

    tonyg New Member

    Thanks for that, was missing the first step. Thanks!!
    Anyone find out the cost for the water/sump pump alarm? Working as it should....that will be the next step to get one.
  17. Krishna

    Krishna New Member

    could you please explain how you are able to see the DHW temperature and also please explain how you are able to get in to the aurora controls?
    I am very much interested in that and would like to keep an eye on all those parameters..
  18. geoxne

    geoxne Active Member Forum Leader

    The Symphony system includes a separate Tech Portal to your machine that is intended and registered only to the installing dealer. Although there is a plethora of information available in the Tech Portal that a home owner would find interesting and useful it also opens up "Pandoras Box" to the setup and configuration settings of your Series 7. Some incorrect settings could effect efficiency at the least and do severe damage to the machine in the worst case.

    It appears JoeG161's installer shared his login and password to the tech portal. This creates a huge problem. Now a homeowner has access to every Symphony system registered to that installer. A situation I am sure no other homeowner would like to be in.
  19. docjenser

    docjenser Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Not sure if you could cause severe damage to the machine, the hard wired safeties would still protect the heat pump.

    But having full installer access to Symphony gives you control over most functions, you better know what you are doing!
  20. geoxne

    geoxne Active Member Forum Leader

    Sorry Doc I have to disagree about severe damage. I had one customer with an open loop system set the system to closed loop with antifreeze because he read about it on the Internet. His coax didn't last long.

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