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    Hi all, so I own a 15+ yr. old Water Furnace Premier II in my buisness, with almost no problems except needing to replace the blower fan after 13 yrs. We love the feel of constant temps all year in the upstate new york area. Now i need a new house furnace, and really want WaterFurnace in my house but 30K for a simple forced air "drop and go" plus 2 wells done? Are they crazy, 16K for the unit it self? This is like paying $150 for windshield wipers. My forced Air Propane unit installed ended up at $4200. I'm not happy but don't want to wait 20+ years for my payback, sorry.
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    Take a closer look!!!


    I would hardly describe your proposed geo system as "drop and go". A lot more is happening between the 2 wells than you assert. Simply subtracting 2 wells out of the total install doesn't give you the unit cost. Also, your $4200 propane unit does not include the cost of an AC system.

    Almost any geo dealer can run an energy cost analysis based on your particular numbers to help you understand the economics (energy cost savings, tax incentives, positive cash flow, ROI, and pay back). Even though this analysis is just an estimate, it is more substantive than your WAG of "20+ years for my payback". Ask for it. In most cases the numbers work, even if you add in the interest to borrow the money.

    You sound pleased with the WF in your business (and WF product has come a long way in 15+ years). Perhaps after you get past the sticker shock, you can make an informed decision.

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    Not offering much info here. Systems I've sold in the last year have ranged from 8K to 45K. Many contributing factors including; nature of earth to be drilled, nature of home to be worked on (basement with white carpet costs more than unfinished basement), nature of buyer (busy bodies consume much more time), load (how big is pump or pumps), what accessories are chosen (air cleaners, humidifiers, ducts...), how busy am I (will I have to pay overtime to complete this job in a reasonable time frame), PITA factor (pain in the a.........are there things that make this job more difficult i.e. crawl space or attic work, poor access etc.)
    I can tell you I've never charged $4,200 for a furnace.......perhaps you purchased other features?
    Good Luck,

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