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  1. dpwct

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    I just installed 2 new waterfurnace Envision systems

    NS036 Horizontal Filter 20x37x2
    NSZ022 - split filter - 20x24x1

    Interested to know if anyone has found a good source for reasonably priced filters (especially for the odd size 20x37x2). And any advice on filter types and Merv ratings would be appreciated too.
  2. teetech

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    You can go to waterfurnace or try online filter sources.

    Try Lowes or above

    You might want to measure actual filter size when you look and sometimes 2 filters can be taped together to make one.
  3. geome

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    I am not an expert (IANAE just to confuse everyone in my future posts!) Not sure what you consider to be a reasonably priced filter. To us, reasonable meant a good quality permanent washable electrostatic filter with a lifetime warranty for about $80 to $100 each.

    I believe they work as follows: The newer electrostatic filters are not powered (unlike the 40+ year old system in my father's house). Air flow creates friction as it passes through the filter media and this creates a static charge that attracts particles.

    We installed our 2 Envision units in April and purchased 2 filters from this company (this link also shows the model of filter that we purchased):

    I am not affiliated with them in any way (just a happy customer). The manufacturer of the filter suggested that we buy from this outfit because they have good pricing and the fact that no one in our area carried them. One filter that we purchased was a standard size, and the other was a custom size. If you want to buy it I suggest calling them instead of placing an online order so you can give them the EXACT dimensions you want for a non-standard size filter since they didn't charge me extra for exact sizing, and they were also able to save us a little on shipping by combining the 2 filters in one shipment (the web site was not able to do this automatically).

    This filter is more than sufficient for us since we have no allergies and are non-smokers, (we do have a long-haired dog though.)

    I believe the resistance for this filter was no higher than the WF electrostatic filter and at the same time it is more efficient (removes more particles) than the WF electrostatic filter. The only catch is that you need to regularly clean the filter to keep it effective and to keep dirt from becoming embedded in the filter making it difficult to clean.

    This sounds like marketing hype, but I just confirmed with my wife - dust in our house is drastically reduced since installing electrostatic filters. Most noticeable in the area of the tube tv and black stereo rack and components. For reference, in our old HVAC equipment we used the blue spun washable filter that maybe trapped 5% of particles. Guess anything would have been an improvement over that :lol: From what I now understand, good filters make for cleaner coils and thus better efficiency (compared to dirty coils.)

    Also, 1" thick electrostatic filters seem to be good. From what I have been told, 2" thick electrostatic filters may not be any better than 1" electrostatic filters since they will surface load with dirt before any benefit of the 2" filter will be reached.
  4. Mark Custis

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    Filters are not an issue with Water furnace.

    They are an issue with the chassis manufacturer. Did you ever notice that ALL geo units look like they are the same size?

    That is because they all are the same size.

    Why is that?

    They are mostly all made by the same guys, and sold as a chassis to everyone else. The everyone else's add blowers and controls with sensors, and panels painted their colors, but they are all the same.

    I try to break the filtration in the installs we do into sections that allow "NORMAL" sized filters.

    The guys that make the chassis know what size the coils need to be so they make them that size, so they get the "Energy Star" stuff they need.

    As a whole system supplier/designer/installation contractor I try to make it easy for my customer and provide easy to get sizes. Water Furnace sells Dynamic Air Cleaners re branded a lot so try Dynamic, directly.

    I hate odd sized filtration as the filters never get changed, just discarded when they get full of filtrate. Joe homeowner has no clue and lets the coil act as a filter for awhile.
  5. geome

    geome Member Forum Leader

    I forgot to mention that our WF all-in-one unit came with an adapter for a 1" thick filter. Without the adapter, 2" filters are used.
  6. engineer

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    There are a couple internet sellers of the big 2" filters needed in WF package units. I favor the MERV 11 Accumulaire brand.

    One of the sellers is 'Filtersnow' if memory serves
  7. edpkp81

    edpkp81 New Member

    Found eslfilters.com to be very reasonably priced.
  8. Looby

    Looby Member Forum Leader

    My WF NDV038 Envision came with an 28x30x2 Airguard PowerGuard MERV-11
    filter (WF part number 59P509-08) -- at an astounding MSRP of about $120 each.

    I just ordered the exact same filters from http://www.eslfilters.com for < $30 ea.

    Some other brands are prolbably just as good at lower cost, but it wasn't worth
    my time to research/compare the specs of non-OEM replacements.

    ...you pay for what you get,

  9. urthbuoy

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    My WF NDV038 Envision came with an 28x30x2 Airguard PowerGuard MERV-11
    filter (WF part number 59P509-08) -- at an astounding MSRP of about $120 each.

    I have a listing price of $52 for that filter not $120. You still have found a better deal though.
  10. Looby

    Looby Member Forum Leader

    As a lowly homeowner, I don't have access to WF's dealer price lists -- but
    here's where the $120 number came from:


    On re-examination, I notice that $120 is the vendor's "discounted" price, and
    (they claim) that the MSRP is $168 each.

    ...a fool and her money are soon courted,

  11. Ona

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  12. lman

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    I couldn't find any filter sized for my Waterfurnace at that site. I'm looking for 28"x30"x1.75". They sell 27.5"x29.5"x1.75". It looks like Northwest Geothermal sells 2 for $120.00.
  13. geome

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  14. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Go with 27.5"x29.5"x1.75". from Filtersnow
  15. WF_Inc

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    We have read your comments regarding where to find filters for your WaterFurnace. We do sell filters directly to homeowners. You can go to our website, http://www.waterfurnace.com, and fill out the “Contact Us” form, or you can contact your local WaterFurnace dealer.
  16. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    forgot the dash

    Good catch - thanks Ona
  17. Arch

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    WaterFurnace air filters

    I am looking for some air filters for my new WaterFurnace Envision 4 ton unit. I had a local dealer get me two at a very low cost. Now he has become a regional manager and does not return my emails. I find this whole air filter thing very interesting with
    WaterFurnace. When I bought my new WaterFurnace Geo unit it had a filter on it with a name of the maker on it. I did a Google search and found them. I have sent them email but never got a reply. These things are not worth what some dealers are charging for them. Anybody got a better source for these filters?

    Take Care
  18. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Accumulaire makes some big ones suitable for WF package units, and they sell via online distributors. I think I've used "filters now"

    Consider also that one can make a single big filter by taping together two smaller ones which may be easier to find; E.G a 20x40 filter can be built by combining 2 @ 20x20. Tape the joint between the two.
  19. zach

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    I also endorse filters-now. I just bought four custom sized filters for our new Hydron Module.

    I thought about buying two smaller filters and taping them together but have realized my time has value.

    I used the custom size option and bought four merv-13 Accumulair (highest merv rating) filters for about $25.00 each including shipping. I figured by the time I bought two smaller filters of that quality and taped them together I'd be close to $25.00 or higher.

    From the comfort of my air conditioned home I completed the order and had four custom filters shipped to my home within a week.

    Thanks to those who made filters-now known to me

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  20. engineer

    engineer Well-Known Member Industry Professional Forum Leader

    Glad to hear of the good experience with Filters-Now custom filter sizing - I'll keep it in mind when suggesting options to others with oddball requirements.

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