Connecticut Waterfurnace E-Series Thermostat

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    Wanted to share a tedious process. My 1f95-1271 died. I called my dealer. $750 to come out and replace one thermostat. I have to bleep out a few lines here. I tried but could not find a 1271. Lots of 1277 available. I bought one, and even after checking the settings 10 times, it called for cool when it was off, and W and O were on at the same time, faulting the Intellizone panel. I called WF. No help. I bought another on, thinking it was bad. Same thing. I spent 2 days second guessing myself. Called WF again, got a different guy, and voila! There are two micro dip switches on the back of the 1277 that have to be in the off positions. Guess what the default position is? Good guess. Amazon for $120.
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